January 2017

HELLO!!! I’m back! It’s been THREE years since I last posted…but I’m smitten again! Feel free to share this with your friends and leave me comments on things you’re smitten with!

5 Things I'm Smitten With

Pear River Mart
If you’re a proud New Yorker like me, the ever changing landscape of our fair city can be well…depressing. Everywhere Mom and Pop shops are disappearing. Not a day goes by when I don’t happen on a sign announcing a closing. Pizzarias, historical buildings, and even the notable speakeasy are all getting priced out their leases. I like my Grande soy latte as much as the next girl but there are just certain things specialty stores have that leave corporations in the dust. This was the case with my beloved Pear River Mart.
On my very first trip to NYC (ahem 25 years ago), I got to experience the splendor that is Pear River Mart first hand. Founded in 1971 Pearl grew from a small shop in NYC’s Chinatown to a sprawling 30,000 foot super store in the heart of SoHo. Like many independent businesses a prohibitive rent hike caused them to shutter their doors. Inspired by the community’s outcry and support the original owner’s daughter-in-law stepped up and decided we all needed a bit of China in our city. Enter Pearl River 2.0. Now a pop-up in a TriBeCa store front, the brick and mortar will experience renovations and officially relaunch in May 2017. While you can still get your paper lanterns, affordable table wear, slippers and incense like before, Pearl River is now also an exhibition and art space. Future plans to expand in other states as well as a hearty e-commerce site might be bringing China to your neighborhood sooner than you think. Finally an evolution story with a happy ending.


Burgundy Mascara
Ok I know you’re already rolling your eyes at this one. Isn’t colored mascara so…80’s?!? Yes. I absolutely wore bright blue Maybelline back when I was teasing my bangs and wearing scrunchi’s, but like all good things the colored lash has come back around. Just in time for the new year I got some seriously gorgeous burgundy colored mascara in my stocking. Dark enough to still color your lashes and make them pop, this mascara is so fun and looks gorgeous too. I don’t like to spend too much time getting ready so this update to my makeup bag is a huge bonus. Create a simple face, don some burgundy on your lash, and watch out world!


I suffer from allergies and I know I’m not alone. The winters in NYC are problematic for obvious reasons with cold, snow, out of control steam heat, and sick neighbors on the train. My inherit allergies can spin out of control and develop into nasty little sinus troubles so during my last physical I pressed my MD for solution. She suggested using a Netipot and I thought to myself…”isn’t that what hippies use instead of Claritin?” Turns out the Neti has been used for thousands of years and and now has become my BFF. I know. It seems strange to shoot salted water up your shnoz on purpose but man…IT WORKS! Go from feeling stuffy and headachy, to breathing free with no sinus pressure. I usually do it only when I feel sneezy or itchy and double up on it when I feel something more serious creeping in. I have staved off many a cold or infection and find myself recommending it to sniffily people on the street. It may seem weird but damn it works!


Coconut Pineapple Emergen C
Piggy backing on the Netipot is my recommendation for some serious vitamin C to ward off errant sneezes. A proponent of getting your nutrients from food before supplements, I realize that busy lives and sub par diets are just part of life. So if you are gonna take one pill to combat the common cold make it C. Vitamin C is said to help boost your immunity by actually attacking bacteria until they are dead. That’s some powerful shit. Because I like things that taste good and make me drink more water, I use Emergen C often. This fizzy powder not only provides an affective dose of killer C but also 7 B vitamins to help boost your energy. Emergen C comes in lots of yummy flavors but this new Coconut Pineapple is rocking my world. It has real coconut water powder that adds electrolytes to help naturally replenish after getting your sweat on. Whisk your taste buds to warmer climes. Emergen C take me away!


Look, let’s just face it…oral health is anything but sexy. The peeps at Quip have set about to change all of that by designing an electric toothbrush and service that simplifies healthy habits. Not only do their brushes look damn good they are cleaning my teeth better than ever. Gone are the days of bulky electric models with brush heads in desperate need of replacing. Say Sayonara to worn out, non hygienic prehistoric models hogging bathroom counter space. Quip’s updated brush expertly affixes to your wall and can be removed and re-stuck a million times more for peeps like me on the go. Their brushes are super sleek and come in lots of non-toothbrush colors like silver, slate, cooper, and gold, and have perfectly soft bristles. The gentle pulsing reminds you to spend more time than you’d like as you brush and ahem…scrape that tongue. A brilliant subscription model, you can sign up for monthly deliveries of brush heads, toothpaste, or both delivered right to your door so your hygiene stays on point. Perfect for a busy New Yorker who has promised her dentist she’d do better and now, actually can.

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