5 Things May 2018

5 Things I'm Smitten With

Tom Ford Lipstick
My abuelita taught me so many important lessons growing up including, “never leave the house without earrings or lipstick”. The former was always easy. Studs, danglies, even hoops constantly cling to my lobes. I have always loved shiny objects, and jewelry was just a natural extension of that. Lipstick on the other hand is another story. Gloss and balms were my default jam, but I could never get on board with the traditional stuff. Something about the texture and intensity of color made me feel like I was playing house in well, Grandma’s makeup. All of that changed the first time I slathered on a Tom Ford lipstick. Suddenly I felt glamorous instead of clown-ish. Sophisticated instead of simple. There are so many perfect shades to pick from with apt names like- Contempt, Open Kimono, and Vermillionaire. Apparently Mr. Ford infuses rare and exotic ingredients to create these beauties’ ultra-creamy texture. You’ll have to shell out $50 for a tube (she aint cheap but worth every penny!), but once you get one in your makeup bag you will be in trouble. Go ahead and take a sample smear at your closest Sephora or Bloomingdales make up counter. I dare you to pick just one.


I’m sure I’ve waxed poetic about my love for libraries on here at least once. I rarely buy books to keep down clutter and if I do, I pass them on to others as opposed to letting them collect dust. In the case of Stoned, I was the lucky recipient of a previously read copy. A nerd for history and backstory, my friend Lisa already knew that Stoned was right in my wheel house. SO MUCH better than I could have imagined, this book penned by author Aja Raden, an experienced jeweler and trained scientist, is riveting in a way no non-fiction work should be. A journey through the history of human desire for what is rare and therefor precious, Stoned tells the account of how eight jewels shaped the course of history. Who knew that the triggering of cultural movements, political dynasties, and wars could be so shiny.


Starbucks Mobile Order
Maybe it’s because I live like a NY minute or maybe because my life IS the saying, “aint nobody got time for that”, but I am OBSESSED with Starbucks Mobile Order. Download the app on your phone, order, and pay before you even hit the store. Simply waltz in and grab your joe without slowing your roll. I no longer want to kill that no sugar, extra shot, hold the whip, make it a venti ,but split it into two cups annoying customer in line in front of me. Lives and time saved thanks to Starbucks.‘Cause aint nobody got time for THAT!


Fairy Hair
It’s true- I had my punk rock phase. Boy short hair in a variety of colors including fuchsia may have occurred. Now-a-days I’m much more subdued in my fashion and beauty choices. Gone are the days of Manic Panic and crop-tops complete with my Doc Martins. Yet- I still have some flash deep inside of me. So imagine my excitement when my girlfriend showed up to our neighborhood bar with shiny strands of color streaming down in her locks! Fairy hair she said, and I replied…”GIMMME!”. So months later we organized a field trip to Sparta New Jersey (yes there are only a handful of people that actually do this technique) to get fairy-fied. Using very thin, lightweight ribbon or tinsel, each vibrant strand was hand tied into my locks and promised to stay put for at least 3 weeks. I got 15 strands which yielded perfect shimmer in a subtle but “am I having a stroke or is there glitter in your hair?” way. My fairy hair was heat resistant so I could blow-dry or flat iron until my heart’s content as well as shampoo/condition as normal. When the fairies deem it time (and the strand of hair that your fairy hair is fastened to comes tumbling down) your bling will fall out. Simply make a wish, and thank the fairies for their noncommittal way to keep your flash.


Kitten Corner
My whole life I’ve always had animals. My very first pet was a Christmas cat presented in a box by my parents, exactly as I had asked Santa for. Next came a shelter mutt for my Grandma’s house complete with a parakeet named Rainbow and two box turtles (Ozzie and Harriet) recovered from the side of the road by my father. There was nary a childhood flashback that didn’t include some fur. Suddenly due to NYC apartment laws and a single girl life, I find myself 40 and well- animal-less. Thank goodness I have good friends with fluffy babies willing to share their love. My circle of friends all have cats and have bonded in their love for creatures by creating a text group aptly named- Kitten Corner. Whether it be pity or actual love for Cat-aunt Lindsay, I was inducted to the group even without a fur baby of my own. Daily I am graced with images of these lovely little souls and their antics. No matter what’s happening there’s usually some image or escapade that can brighten even the darkest of days. Animals have healing powers even via text. Make the world a little softer and brighter- get yourself a corner of your own STAT!

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