I’m Smitten With…Hair Ties


I’m always surprised when I blog about something that I think, “duh, everyone has heard about this already,” only to then be swamped with comments thanking me for the introduction. I suspect this will be the case with this week’s Smitten, but I dare to blog anyway. I am currently obsessed with these fetching elastic hair ties. Now, with the risk of dating myself, I grew up in the era of Scrunchies. Oooh! Back in the day, I loved to stack those giant fabric eyesores sky-high in my teased up locks and made sure that they matched perfectly with my outfit. Thank goodness I grew out of the Scrunchies but I still need to pull back my mane from time to time and the regular hair bands are well, regular. Why not do it with some style and flair right? Clearly, I’m not the only one thinking this way. Enter: the trend of these adorable little elastic hair ties. They come in every color under the sun, they won’t crease your locks, and they look just as good as wrist jewelry as they do in your hair. What more could you want from your hair accessory? I got my first set at Anthropologie, but you can order a plethora of hues and styles here. The bonus is that I’m pretty confident we won’t look back at ourselves in 20 years and cringe about wearing these.