5 Things I’m Smitten With 60


Unconsciously, I try to eat vegetarian most of the time. I find that when I do- I feel lighter, look better, and have less digestive issues. So, when I’m being led to a healthy lunch in Manhattan, I pick Nanoosh. Nanoosh is an organic translation of all things mediterranean- Hummus, Tabouleh, Greek Salad with organic veggies, Quinoa, and all-natural meat. My pick is the Hummus Tahini Wrap. It’s creamy hummus, organic greens, tomato, cucumber, and parsley along with a Quinoa salad made of organic raisins, walnuts, and cranberries. It’s served rolled in a whole wheat wrap or as bowl. Perfect light lunch or dinner. They also serve wine and beer so if you need a cheap but cheerful date meal they’ve got your back. Find them at one of their three locations in the city or the one just opened in Paramus, NJ. I was eating my wrap at my desk in the studio the other day and a client remarked how good my meal looked. That’s right- good looking and good for me too.



Who What Wear
Big surprise that I like a good daily email full of things I might might find myself smitten with. Who What Wear is just that email. The brain child of two fashionistas- Hillary Kerr a former associate editor at Elle mag and Katherine Power who also got her start at Elle. These lovelies bring you a daily snapshot of what’s happening in the fashion and beauty world. Wanna know what the latest trends are? Who wore what at that awards show last week? What are the stylish celebrities donning these days? THIS is the email for you. Not annoyingly wordy, full of glossy mag-like pictures- this email is easy to scan and digest so it won’t clog up your inbox or brain. They also have a beauty version which I just signed up for. I’m sure it bolsters my beauty product obsession as well as my Sephora bill. Thank you ladies for creating a visual dream board for my fashion and beauty day dreams.



Dark and Stormy
Although our winter here in NYC has been mild, I love a good warming cocktail for a frosty climate. My client Emma and her beau Patrick had been drinking this libation and warned me I would get hooked. Here’s the recipe via Rachel Ray. The dynamic duo use Gosling’s rum, and I use the yummy Ginger Beer they have at Trader Joe’s. Here’s to keeping warm from the inside out!

1/4 lime
2 ounces dark rum (recommended: Goslings Black Seal Bermuda Black Rum)
10 ounces of ginger beer (recommended: Milligan’s Island Tropical Mango Ginger Beer)
Lime wedge, for garnish, optional

Fill a 12-ounce glass with ice. Squeeze the lime wedge over the ice in the glass. Drop the wedge into the glass. Pour the rum into the glass. Add the ginger beer. Stir lightly and garnish with another lime wedge, if desired.



Kimberly Snyder
Don’t you just love it when you ask for something and it simply appears? I have been trying to find a easy non-detox detox for myself since the New Year rolled around. Everything I’ve seen is all about deprivation or excessive preparation and seems like a form of torture. Imagine my bliss when I stumbled upon the mademoiselle of meal planning- Kimberly Snyder. After seeing a short video of this lovely flower, she seemed as easy to digest as her food. A quick visit to her site and I gave my email to her list freely. So far, I’ve gotten two emails- but with so much helpful and usable content I’m not a bit sore. Simple suggestions for changing your diet for the better like hot water with lemon in the am, romaine lettuce roll-ups, and her promise of beauty from the inside out with her glowing green smoothie. Good lookin’ is what’s cookin’ in my kitchen.



Capri Blue Candle
Oh let me count the reasons I love Anthropologie. One one thousand, two one thousand…three chic-candles-that-smell-divine one thousand. This scent, Volcano (a mix of tropical fruit, sugared citrus, touched by exotic mountain greens) is THE scent of that Anthropolgie store you’ve visited. For years I sniffed the air and sighed at the romantic warmness that the candles in the store provided. I finally took home one in a glass blue jar and have never looked back. When they started making it in a gorgeous mercury glass version I turned into a complete devotee. Now monthly, I get a supply of these so that I can have one burning in my studio at all times. Easy glamour. Instant ambiance.