5 Things I’m Smitten With 57


I am pleased to announce that I’m bringing my ever popular blog to life with 5 Things I’m Smitten with in the flesh! If you’re in NYC- tonight’s the night. From 7-9pm all the vendors I’m blogging about below will be at my boutique Pilates studio in Union Square with their wares, so you can scoop them up and get smitten just like me! This event is not to be missed. Click here to register and receive more information on how to attend. If you’re not a New Yorker- don’t fret. Check out all their fantastic ideas for holiday gifts below and visit each retailers website to get some smitten of your own. I hope to be doing these events more often so if you like what I’m doing give me a shout out, share with your friends, and let me know who you wanna see in the flesh!




Italian Wine Merchants
When I give directions to my studio in Union Square I always tell people, “We’re in the same building as the Italian Wine Merchants“. Everyone responds with- “Oh! I love that store!”, and although I quickly agree, the sad truth is…I’ve never even been inside, until now. While I’m a big fan of vino, my expertise lies mostly in my native California wines with a smattering of knowledge about South American and Australian varietals. Frankly, the Italian wines seem otherworldly and beyond my grasp- which is why the thought of heading into a store where they sell bottles over the $100 type is daunting. When I was thinking about this event I decided it was time to discover what lies beneath my space and stop judging a wine by it’s label. Turns out while they are definitely the serious enologists, the IWM have something for everyone. Led by their fearless leader and CEO- Sergio Espisito the staff is knowledgeable and friendly and the space is breathtaking. Their Studio del Gusto, is a elegant setting for their wine and food pairing, tastings, as well as special events. I’m so excited to finally be partnering with them for this event. They will be bringing some of their awesome Holiday Gift ideas like selections under $50, gift baskets, wine clubs, and gift certificates. If you aren’t in the city check out their website for all of these holiday specials as well as all their other amazing wines, and they ship anywhere in the world!



If you’ve been tired of blending into a sea of Lululemon swathed bodies at your gym, yoga, (or PILATES!) class- I’ve got a solution for you. Enter Athleta. Altheta, under the umbrella of it’s big brother Gap, is offering you some options at a slightly lower price point. Geared a little more toward the outdoor athlete or surfer chick- this brand has what you need to look good while you’re doing your thing. While I only own a couple of their pieces (given to me as a gift, before there were stores in Manhattan), I’ve been lucky enough to teach a mat class in their Upper East side store. The store is super cute, and laid out in an easy-to-navigate way. I loved what I caught glimpses of when I was in there last, but haven’t been able to get uptown to do some serious damage yet. Luckily the lovelies at Athleta agreed to come down and bring their wares to our trunk show! Warning! This could be dangerous. For the men reading this blog- sadly Athleta isn’t designing yet for you, but they are sincere about giving the ladies what they need including even a mastectomy bra. So- visit their site or our event and get what you need to look good on the slopes or at the gym this winter season!



Vanessa Amalia
Don’t you just love it when you favor someone from afar, and they turn out to be just as lovely in person as they were in your head? Such is the case with Vanessa Amalia. I’ve been stalking her for a couple years now. Ever since I discovered her booth at the Union Square Holiday Mart, I have been itching to meet the woman herself. Finally, last week we met face-to-face. Besides being completely head over heels over her designs- good luck charms passed down from her Yaya (that’s greek for grandma), I’m equally besotted with the woman herself. My trip to her booth last week left me pining for elephant necklaces, charm bracelets, pieces laden with good luck symbols from pomegranates to evil eyes. Vanessa has the perfect gifts at any price point. If you just need stocking stuffers checkout her simple charm bracelets in sterling silver, for a gift with more weight get any of her designs in 18k Gold Vermeil. I promise both the recipient and the giver will feel extra lucky.



Hayden Harnett
Like a long love relationship, Hayden Harnett and I have history. I first caught a glimpse of their goods in the ultimate match making magazine, Lucky. Turns out we have lots in common- our love for fine accessories, our need for practical do anything, go anywhere styles, and of course we both heart NYC. I had met my equal, so I planned a first date. I arrived at their Brooklyn Greenpoint boutique with butterflies in my belly. Will it be all I hope for? You betcha. The Ibiza tote hasn’t left my side since I purchased it more than two years ago now. That bag has gotten me through thick and thin of my crazy NYC days and nights. Supporting me through anything- it can morph into like 4 different incarnations to meet all my toting needs. Hayden Harnett and I continue to write love notes over twitter and I’m happy to report that my second love child arrived in the mail just last week- their voyager collection backpack in grey! For this event I knew I needed them by my side and headed over the bridge to their adorable Brooklyn storefront. I finally got a face-to-face with the designers/owners Toni and Ben. They are as cool as they are nice and when I brought my bulldog Stitch with me, he was met with welcome arms. Now that’s a soul mate if I’ve ever seen one. Check out their website or visit them this Friday at our event- I bet you will find your match in them too.



The Urban Healer
I’ve had my share of massage in my life. My years of being a professional dancer left me sore, battered, and in desperate need for weekly body work. Now as a pedestrian (what us dancers call all you ‘normal’ people), I find that I need that body work just as much. Turns out hours of sitting at my desk does the same damage as dancing eight shows a week, and I can pull a muscle just as easy in yoga class as I can auditioning for a Broadway show. Lucky for me right next door to my Pilates studio is an amazing massage guru, Danielle Fink aka The Urban Healer.

Danielle does it all- Western modalities like swedish and deep tissue, Eastern massage techniques like Shiatsu and Thai Yoga Therapy. She even specializes in pre-natal, energy healing (like reiki), and aromatherapy. If you live in NYC, you owe it to yourself to get a good rub down from this master- and just in time for the holiday, Danielle and I are teaming up to offer a feel-good special. For just $120 you can get a private Pilates session with me AND a 60 min aromatherapy massage from my girl Danielle. Grab one at our gift certificates at our event on the 9th or online here.