I’m Smitten With…Studio Shoes


It’s no surprise, being that I own a Pilates studio, I look at feet all day. While I don’t have any foot-phobias per se, some people’s dogs should just be covered. Aesthetics aside, many of our clients seem to really like the grippy feeling of a Pilates sock. I prefer to feel things in my bare feet, pedicured that is 😉 Lately though, it seems like there are some newcomers to the market with an actual studio shoe. I first noticed Blake Brody’s at a friend’s studio. Luxurious, elegant, and vegan-friendly, these ballet flats are flexible enough to allow you to feel the equipment. In addition, they are antimicrobial to keep your toots smelling sweet and have an ideal arch support to help prevent the dreaded foot cramp. The discrete “grippies” prevent spills on or off the machines. Bottom line is- these are damn cute and I would wear them right out onto the street for cocktails or brunch any day. Then, just yesterday one of my dearest clients sauntered in wearing some Espadrille-like footwear as if she were Lauren Bacall in “Key Largo.” Hands down, these puppies are THE MOST chic workout shoes I’ve ever seen! Made by Nike (of all people) the Studio Wrap is three shoes in one…that’s right, I said THREE! There’s the basic wrap, which is a pull on shoe that criss-crosses over your arch and provides a little traction and support. If you’re feeling saucy, add the ribbons à la pointe shoes that offer more ankle and foot safety. Post workout you can slip the flats over the whole shebang and walk right out the door onto the street. Genius! PLUS, my client killed her Pilates session. We agreed….it was definitely the shoes.

5 Things I’m Smitten With 52


Alexander McQueen
Summer in NYC means inexpensive and gratis activities- lots of them. I feel like every year I make a mental laundry list of things I want to see or do, and before I know it- summer has flown by. At the top of my list was the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met, so when my Mom came into town and said that was at the top of hers- we made it happen. First off let me say that even if you’re not a fashionista or have never heard of Haute Couture, you will still be sorry if you miss this stunning exhibit. Titled Savage Beauty, this retrospective shows McQueen as a verifiable maestro whose medium is fashion. His fascination with the macabre spawned collections like Jack the Ripper Stalks His Victims and Angels and Demons. “It’s the ugly things I notice more, because, other people tend to ignore the ugly things”, and notice them he does. Room after room of this exhibit will take your breath away and transport you into the mind of this genius. While you may cringe in the Cabinet of Curiosity at the tails, nails, and straight-jacket-like creations- you’re also peculiarly drawn to the wickedness of it all. Intrigue with the Victorian Gothics and Scottish Nationalism plays out in bustles, pointed shoulders, Tartans, rips, and blood splattered models. Even though this remarkable spirit has passed on, his brilliance will exist in his creations forever.

Alexander McQueen

Savage Beauty exhibition at the Met now through August 7th.
Free with Museum admission.
There is a wait for the exhibit, but you can buy timed tickets on Mondays.



Candle 79
With the launch of my Pilates studio in Union Square, I’ve become one of those New Yorkers who don’t venture much above 14th St. So, when Mom and I were uptown to see McQueen at the Met, I knew I had to take advantage of the trip to another country (aka the Upper East Side) and visit my favorite vegan oasis, Candle 79. In the heat of summer, their chilled avocado soup and heirloom tomato tartare make perfect appetizers. The stuffed avocado salad is filled with quinoa, zucchini, corn, cucumber, crunchy sprouts, toasted pumpkin seeds, with a chipotle-avocado dressing- yum! Then for your main try the noodle-less zucchini lasagna or black bean-pumpkin seed burger with polenta fries. Because Mom was paying, we visited the more upscale 79, but I love to pop into their more affordable sister around the corner, Candle Cafe. They have take out, delivery (if you live nearby), and a juice bar. Convince even the staunchest carnivore to try vegan here.



Lululemon Seamless Underwear
WARNING!!! Men who read this entry may find themselves cringing. You may want to skip this one. I recently read an article about the health risks of wearing or not wearing underwear while exercising. Turns out my usual thongs, while good at hiding the VPL can lead to UTI’s and vaginal bacteria infections. What’s a sweaty girl who spends her life in workout gear to do? While on the lookout for an option I found Lululemon’s Smooth Moves Girlshorts. They’re seamless so you don’t look like you’re wearing a diaper, but they’re full bootied enough that they prevent all that nasty stuff. They are surprisingly more comfortable than their skimpier counterparts and this version comes in super cute colors including an ikat patterned one I’m crazy about. Super quick drying they’re perfect to wash in the sink if need be. Here’s to healthy and dry lady parts!!!



Once again, my thoughtful boyfriend shepherds me toward all things cool. This time he introduced me to every woman’s dream, TAAZ.com the cutting edge virtual makeover website. I haven’t had a ton of time to sign-up and download my own image, but I did play around using some of the model photos. On this super-fly site you can play make believe. Pick foundation, blush, eye makeup, lipstick, and hair looks with a click of your mouse. Like that shade of gloss but wish to adjust the amount or add a little gloss? Your wish is this site’s command. It even shows products that correspond to your choices so you can try on that new foundation before you even get to the store. Looking to change up your hairstyle or color. TAAZ.com lets you try on celeb do’s or create your own. Change the color, length, or frame it to fit your face. This is like 21st century paper dolls. If you dare to try it, you’ll soon be hooked.


Pilates Anytime
Please forgive my shameful self-promotion, but I’ve included Pilates Anytime this week because I’m am entered into their Next Pilates Instructor contest. Pilates Anytime is a subscription based website that offers it’s members video workouts with some of the top Pilates instructors in the industry. There are mat, reformer, wunda chair, spine corrector, and even cadillac workouts to choose from. They offer beginner through advanced levels, and even different props to opt for. I’m most smitten with them as I have entered The Next Pilates Anytime Instructor Competition. Along with other Pilates instructors from around the world, I have submitted an audition video, and the public is voting to determine the finalists. If I win, I will be flown to the Pilates Anytime studios in Santa Barbara where I’ll film a Pilates class video. After the video shoot, I’ll be taken to Palm Springs for a photo shoot and interview with Pilates Style magazine, and I’ll be the subject of a 4 to 6 page spread in the magazine. SO exciting right? But here’s the thing- I NEED your vote. The top 10 instructors with the most votes move onto the finals. You can only vote once per email, so feel free to tell your friends and family to vote if you like my stuff. To watch the audition videos and vote, please click here. Gracias!!!