I’m Smitten With- Grey’s Anatomy


Summer entertainment means great movies but crappy TV. Most shows are on a hiatus until the fall so you’re stuck watching that same episode of Friends for the 900th time. This year, I’ve complicated things even more by giving up my cable box during my last move so my options are even more limited. In a fit of entertainment deprivation, I flipped anxiously through my Hulu Plus library and suddenly, I found it, Grey’s Anatomy. Like an old friend you run into on the street, we remembered each other fondly and it was instantly just like old times! There are a total of 9 seasons and good ole Hulu has every single one. Back in the day, I think I only made it through about 3 seasons before getting irritated by the sheer soap-opera-ness, but this time around it’s just delicious! Plus, it comes in handy to have them all in one place when you’re blowing through 2 or 3 episodes every couple of nights. With this supply, it should last me all summer. I completely forgot how geekishly charming George is or how Cristina and Izzy’s BFF personalities perfectly foil Meredith’s. And COME ON!!! MEREDITH!!! She has the kind of raspy, sex voice one can only hope to attain by sucking down packs of menthol cigarettes, au natural. She’s effortlessly beautiful even after not having a wink of sleep, working doubles, and eating cold pizza for breakfast. We secretly hope she and Derek don’t work out so we can have Patrick Dempsey for our own, but either way there’s plenty of eye candy around if that doesn’t work out. Between all of that AND the odd health issues and tragic accidents, I am completely entranced. Since I am obsessed with the show all over again, I plan to spend my summer watching until my eyes bleed or my AC gives out, whichever comes first.

ps- added bonus is season 10 starts this fall so get to watchin’ y’all!!!