I’m Smitten With….Thug Kitchen


It’s Monday night and you know you need to eat, but you’ve worn out your healthy list of options and you’re looking for something new. You Google up “healthy recipes” and gag at the descriptions of “wholesome” or “fit” fare. How many times can you bend over backwards to make brown rice and veggies palatable? Well I have good news for you. I’ve found kick-ass veggie cooking instruction with some major sass. If Martha Stewart, Tony Soprano, and Snoop Dog had a baby that blogged this would be it. Thug Kitchen shocks you into paying attention to what shit goes into your pie hole with a big F-you! Don’t think filthy language and clean eating go together? Think again. This guy (who not Vegan but his girlfriend is) started blogging to inspire the masses to eat like they give a fuck. He writes ah-maz-balls recipes that are simple enough for even well, the laziest MF’s to make. But don’t take my word for it. Get your ass over to Thug Kitchen so you can grub like a fucking champ not a chump.

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