My first post with We Heart Astoria

If you’re anything like me, Thanksgiving is the time to stuff your face. Not the time to don your lycra and break a sweat but, if you plan to indulge on turkey (or non-turkey day) you might consider a balancing act of some caloric out-take. Not only will a little workout help you deal with your in-laws, but also give you the energy to cook AND do the dishes. Build lean muscle that gobbles (pun intended!) up calories faster than fat, plus burn some of those feast calories ahead of time- just by getting your exercise on. Exercise stimulates endorphins (aka your feel good hormones). That means the better you feel, the less likely you are to eat the entire pumpkin pie and down the entire bottle of pinot noir. So, now that we’ve established that physical activity is good for you, here’s where to go in out in our hood to get it:

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Braving Boroughs- Strala Yoga

It had been sometime since I’d practiced yoga (I got side tracked by opening my own studio), but one of the first stops I had to make was Strala Yoga owned by Tara Stiles.

While Tara is the personal yoga teacher to Jane Fonda and Deepak Chopra, she is just like you and me, and it shows at her gorgeous loft-like NoHo studio- Strala Yoga. You won’t find om-ing or a woo-woo vibe here. The classes at Strala are straight forward and unpretentious. Tara pads around in her baggy sweat pants, no make-up, leading the class in her carefree manner, making jokes, and reminding you that it’s just yoga- so breathe. The classes are simply identified by Strong, Relax, and Stralax (a combo of the two). I’ve practiced there several times now, mostly because it’s affordable (only $10 a class), but also because Tara and Heidi (who is uber-cheery and much more giggly than Tara- but will seriously kick your butt with a smile) are quickly becoming my favorite teachers. I don’t do yoga because it’ll make my butt smaller, or because I want to be closer to god, but because I always leave feeling better than when I walked in, and Strala always leaves me with a smile.

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