What I’m Smitten With April 2017

5 Things I'm Smitten With

Maybe it’s the accents, but British TV just seems so much more refined than our junky American shows. In the case of Broadchurch it’s more than accents that elevate this murder mystery drama. Based in a fictional Jurassic Coast town, creator and writer Chris Chibnall experiments with the concept of what happens to a small, close-knit community when a child is murdered. Beautifully shot, this almost cinematic series will have you riveted to your couch to see whodunit. Turns out Chibnall knows how just to create the angst we crave in a proper thriller. He painstakingly guarded the identity of the killer by shooting the scenes in order, watermarking scripts, and keeping actors in the dark about their own guilt. The result is a fanatical following of fans binge watching the show on Netflix way past our bedtime. Season two picks up where one left off and DOES NOT disappoint. Time to get caught up on this phenom before Season 3 hits Netflix December 2017/January 2018 or if you’re lucky enough to have BBC you can watch all the episodes right now. Just try and keep your mouth shut…no one likes a spoiler.


Everlane Street Fleece Pants
A sucker for a rhyme it was more than this catchy name that caught my attention. As a fitprenuer, living life in sweatpants gets old real quick. I’m always on the look out for attire that can go from teaching to traversing NYC without a hitch. These pants are perfect for such days, honestly these pants are just about perfect for everything. “A refined and modern take on the sweat pant”, Everlane bonded 100% cotton sweatshirt material to a neoprene-like lining. The result is a perfectly cozy and warm pant, that wicks fabric like a dream. I found this out the other day when my sparking water exploded all over my Street Fleece. These lovelies dried in seconds. Perfectly fitted with trouser-like details including a stylish ankle zipper, these beg for compliments and “where did you get those pants” comments. Plus at $65 a pop you can nab a pair in every color. Who says uniform dressing is for the boring?


Ed Sheeran
The thing about popular music is it’s well, popular. Often overplayed and catchy to a default the songs that get stuck in your head are often the ones we don’t want. A self proclaimed pop princess I love a good toe-tapping melody, even if the song is as vapid as the artist themselves. Not the case with Ed Sheeran. I welcomed humming A Team by Ed Sheeran before I ever saw this Ginger IRL. English born and bred, his brogue tinged voice is just beautiful to listen to. His musical roots give his songs that infectious head turn, but it’s the lyrics and his artistry that keeps you coming back. His newest album, Divide just dropped and has been on repeat on my Spotify since. I don’t get bored since each track has it’s own personality and vibe. One minute you feel like you’re transported to his homeland with that House on the Hill, the next you’re a freakin’ dance star with Shape of You, and then he leaves you with tears falling from Save Me. Trust me, this will be your go-to album since there’s no one-hit with this wonder.


Pesto Chicken
Looking for an easy weeknight dinner? Look no further! I’m totally obsessed with this uber easy Paleo friendly dish. The recipe below has you making your Pesto from scratch but if I’m cooking mid week I simply skip this step with a prepared pesto (My go to choice is the Kale Pest from Whole Foods). For my Vegan friends this recipe is dairy free, using Nutritional Yeast. I’m cheese obsessed so I used a Parmesan/Pecorino blend instead. Make it on a Sunday night and you’ll have the left overs in sandwiches salads or whatevs.
Full recipe here:)


Dr. Teals
After two years of living in an apartment that teased me with a deep bathtub that couldn’t be utilized (since it could potentially overflow into my downstairs neighbor’s kitchen), I am in bath recovery. As an ex-dancer I was dedicated to soaking my gams in warm Epsom salt baths daily. After my brief lapse of a working tub, I am back and my favorite pre-bed ritual just got better. I like my bath water hot (like I like my men) so while it feels amazing on my muscles the heat is hella drying to the skin. This Ultra Moisturizing Mineral Soak from Dr. Teal’s has all the healing properties of Epsoms but with major moisturizing Avocado oil. I was skeptical as Salt and Moisturizing aren’t exactly synonymous but this is the real deal. After a half hour soak my muscles and skin are like buddah. With an easy resealable bag and other varieties such as Milk and Honey, Rosemary and Mint, and Ginger and Clay- Teal’s has a fan for life.

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