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This is however not something that can be seen by other persons, however it's a very important characteristic of this superb all-round watch. Build around bridges and plates made in untreated German silver (something that is reserved to high-end watchmaking only), the layout is complex, elegant and deep, offering many layers and recesses to put eyes on fake watches. I like this replica GMT Master watch, although ita s just a fake one, it looks almost perfect like the real. For me this was an eye-opener, because i hardly knew anything about independent watchmakers and the fine art of watchmaking. The inspiration for the Nautilus struck Genta while he was fake watches having dinner at the restaurant of a hotel: the porthole, as found on transatlantic liners. The movement finish is indeed impressive all the more that the plate and bridges are crafted from untreated titanium, with the exception of the small steel bridge! These are decorated with ''tes du Solliat'', a new (and superb) type of stripes elaborated by David. This is not necessarily a bad thing, just something I find a little curious. As the watch in this post has the same style of Imitation Omega case, I'll describe it's construction with the aid of a few pictures taken during disassembly. The effect is more striking over longer timed periods than shorter ones, and numerals on the hour track would have been helpful. uk in London, UK Vintage Watches Buy Vintage Sell Vintage, Welcome to Imitation Omega Amazon UK's luxury watches Shop. Hand push engraving of a Vacheron Constantin bridge. A gem of a watch caught my eye, Wow, this is cool! and I stopped in my tracks.